Treating Penile Yeast Infections

Penile yeast infections are generally very easy to treat. If you are certain a yeast infection is what you have, you can purchase medications over-the-counter without a prescription and self-medicate at home. However, it is always highly recommended to get checked out by a medical professional first to be on the safe side.

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The following section will cover information on the most common treatments of penile yeast infection. You will also find information on several preventative measures you can take to avoid contracting a yeast infection.

Topical Treatments - Oral Solutions - Natural Remedies - Sexual Intercourse - Hygiene - Clothing

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Topical Treatments

Penile yeast infections are most often treated with anti-fugal creams and ointments, which are applied directly to the affected area. Some relief may be noticeable within the first couple of days of using the creams, but treatment should continue for a week or two to ensure that all the infection has been cleared up and doesn't reoccur.

Oral Solutions

If the penile yeast infection doesn't respond to topical treatment, your doctor can prescribe oral anti-fugal medications that will combat the yeast from the inside out. However, most penile yeast infections are simple enough that oral medications aren't necessary.

Natural Remedies & Preventative Meaures

Alternately, there are a few remedies and preventive measures that you can also do at home. Making some changes to your diet can help the anti-fugal medications work more efficiently. Two substances you want to avoid when you have a yeast infection are sugar and carbohydrates. Both of these encourage yeast production within the body, which can work against the effectiveness of the medications. Eating plain yogurt with no added sugar can help cure yeast infections as well, especially when combined with other treatment methods.

Avoid Sexual Intercourse

Refraining from sexual intercourse and using condoms while you have a yeast infection not only helps your body cure itself faster and avoid further irritation, it also prevents passing the infection to your partner, who, in turn, could pass it back to you. You risk passing the infection back and forth between you until both of you have been completely cured.


Taking regular baths will wash away excess yeast on the body. Keeping the groin area clean and dry will inhibit the growth of yeast, which can cure the infection much faster.


Opt for loose fitting clothes made of natural fibers like cotton that allow the skin to breathe. You should avoid clothing and undergarments made of synthetic materials at all costs. Preventing yeast infections by following a few of these simple suggestions is far easier than trying to cure yeast infections once they have set in.