Yeast Infection in Men

Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only gender who are susceptible to yeast infections. Men can be vulnerable to the same type of infection in their genitals. The thing about penile yeast infections is that sometimes they can be present without producing any of the classic symptoms of a yeast infection. This gives the infection ample opportunity to invade the body through the penis and eventually cause more serious problems down the road.

Because penile yeast infections sometimes do not produce outward symptoms, men can have them a long time before they realize something is wrong. Male yeast infections can cause other issues within the body, such as bad breath or fatigue, that you would not normally associate with a textbook case of yeast infection.

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Penile Yeast Infection

When researching the subject of male yeast infections, men will find that there isn't much information out there. Most yeast infection information deals with vaginal yeast infections, which is the most common type. However, this lack of information should not give men a false sense of security in believing that penile yeast infections aren't common or bothersome. The fact is they are – especially when outward symptoms develop. Further, yeast infection in men, like any other yeast infection, can be potentially fatal in men with compromised immune systems.

Common Causes

There are a number of reasons that men develop penile yeast infections. Most often, it will be uncircumcised men that are affected due to the foreskin being intact. There is no stigma attached to having a yeast infection. It doesn't mean you're dirty or unsanitary. It just means you have excess yeast on or in your body. It's a common condition that affects thousands of men each year so men should not be apprehensive about discussing their condition or seeking treatment.

More Information on Male Yeast Infection

The next few pages of our website will discuss penile yeast infections in detail. We will list common symptoms of a penile yeast infection as well as look closer at some of the causes. Our website will also discuss treatment options that are available to effectively cure penile yeast infections and talk about some of the ways penile yeast infections can be prevented. We invite you to explore these pages and educate yourself on this troublesome, but very common condition.